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My name is Andrea Lauritzen, founder of Becoming Exceptional Healing Center and Resources. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Massage Therapist certified in CranioSacral Therapy, and a published author. I am an intuitive teacher who inspires and uplifts individuals, children, and families to transform their lives, remove damaging DNA markers through healing work, build advantageous parenting strategies to strengthen generational ties, and create cohesive family relationships. LEARN MORE

Services and Products

BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL is a comprehensive mental health center. We specialize in early intervention and healing childhood trauma in children and adult survivors. By using CranioSacral Therapy and Energy work we work to remove damaging DNA markers leading to improved functionality in life. We include parents in skill-building and psycho-education to develop advantageous parenting strategies to strengthen generational ties and decrease unhealthy emotional responses within the family. By creating cohesive family relationships people are better able to transform their lives over time to reach their desired outcomes in life. BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL’s therapist(s) collaborate with and refer clients out to specialized mental health, alternative care, and other support professionals to provide the most effective and cutting-edge healing plan available. BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL strives to address wellness from a DNA level, recognizing that we can heal and become whole over time and with the right supports and resources. LEARN MORE

Creative Vision

BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL recognizes that all aspects of life are intertwined and impact and influence one another. These aspects create the whole person within their whole system. With the increase in abuse, stress, divorce, and life trauma in the world we are seeing a corresponding increase in childhood trauma at younger ages and its negative impacts on academic, family, and social realms. Early intervention is key to improving quality of life concerns for individuals, families, and communities today and increasing the health and well-being of the upcoming generations. LEARN MORE about how BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL integrates all aspects of healing through creative avenues, emotional release work, and supportive referrals that complement the work of healing we do together.

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