Andrea is an intuitive healer who desires to support others along their healing journey. She has chosen to do so through Healing Consultations, speaking engagements, holistic and creative processes, and by providing online educational resources and classes. LEARN MORE


Have you ever felt lost, broken, or hopeless?  BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL provides a safe space where people can find what was lost, make whole what was broken, and generate joy in the journey. LEARN MORE


BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL’s purpose is to facilitate the next step in a person’s healing journey using a variety of holistic, creative, and alternative resources to encourage people to live healthier, more joyful lives so they can, in turn, give back to the world in positive and meaningful ways.

Broken IS Beautiful: Learn how being broken can make you more valuable. LEARN MORE

Creative Processes Descriptions: Learn about the creative processes Andrea uses as she facilitates healing work with others. LEARN MORE

Complimentary Professionals: Learn more about services provided by other professionals that can support the work done with Andrea. LEARN MORE