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What is a Healing Consultant?

A Healing Consultant is a trained professional who works with adults, youth and children willing to do the work of healing.

A Healing Consultant offers insight, tools, and support to fill gaps of knowledge and understanding so people can improve their life. An initial assessment reviews all aspects of a person’s life and experience, strengths, and goals. A plan of action is prepared with the consultee indicating how to implement tools and processes that support the achievement of stated goal(s).

A Healing Consultant is a:

  • Collaborator
  • Mentor
  • Instructor and Educator
  • Facilitator
  • Support and Guide
  • Encourager
  • Coach when practicing new skills and abilities

The Initial Assessment

Through an initial assessment, a Healing Consultant will consider a person’s past, present, and future; and their physical, emotional, relational, and environmental situation to provide a complete picture of what may have, or is, impacting their life, who the support people are, what strengths are available to address the desired issues, and what is missing.

As the healing consultant learns about a person’s strengths, resources and barriers and how these each influence reaching their goals or overcoming circumstances, a unique plan of action can be developed which can support the person in achieving their stated goal(s).

The Plan of Action

The plan of action dictates what steps will be taken during the sessions to help in achieving the desired outcome.

Rather than acting as expert, a Healing Consultant works alongside a person to encourage them to find their own solutions and insights. This empowers an individual in their own healing.

As we don’t all have the necessary tools we need to achieve our goals, a Healing Consultant can provide missing tools or skills to fill in the gaps we each have.

A Healing Consultant may use holistic and creative processes that fit each person’s preferences, goals, and situations. These might include essential oils, Sandtray, journal writing, or stepping out of one’s comfort zone to try something new. The activities will be unique for each person.

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