Do You Use Muscle Testing with Clients to Know What To Do Next?

Muscle testing or applied kinesiology is used to determine how the body responds to an answer, food, or situation.

Muscle testing must be used properly to obtain correct answers. Though I do know how to muscle test, and may use muscle testing in some situations, I would not use it to decide what to do next with a client. The steps we take will be determined together based on client goals and steps determined in the initial assessment session as part of the Plan of Action.

What is Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology is based in science and is used to determine what strengthens or weakens the body. It is often used in physical therapy or as part of some massage therapy techniques. There are also certain healing techniques, such as Quantum Healing and Emotional Release Technique, which utilize muscle testing in specific ways to direct the sessions.

However, untrained people may use it in inappropriate ways or to excess to obtain answers better obtained through other methods. If one isn’t trained how to use it properly, by understanding how to ask the questions or what questions are appropriate to ask, the answers received may not be accurate and can be misleading.

How Would Becoming Exceptional Use Muscle Testing?

As Muscle Testing is not one of my strong areas, I choose to limit how I use it with others in order to provide the best services. One of the holistic options available through Becoming Exceptional is SmarterDropsTM which were developed to return the body to a pre-disease state.

These drops are to be taken for a period of time one or two of the thirteen formulas at a time. I would use muscle testing with the person’s permission to assess the order to take the formulas, and the length of time each formula would be taken. As the body changes by taking these drops, I would reassess the order after each set, as things may change as the body does.

Why Not Use Muscle Testing to Decide What to Do Next?

I believe that using muscle testing for this purpose would be an unnecessary and, likely, ineffective use of this tool. A person should be able to make that determination on their own as they learn to trust their own instincts and choices. If there is a question about what the next step is, this would be better served through discussion, brainstorming, or following the original Plan of Action developed in the initial consultation. With those who believe in a higher power, prayer, or meditation followed by listening could also be applied to determine the next step.

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