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How do Healing Consultations work online?

Healing Consultations are conducted via Zoom meetings, or phone call if that’s preferred.

Once a person schedules a healing consultation, an email will be generated from Zoom with instructions on how to join the meeting via phone or video conferencing. The Plan of Action developed together in the initial assessment will determine how we proceed in each session.

Can I Get the Help I Need Online?

For us old fogies who didn’t grow up online, this may seem a bit frightening. However, many of us are on social media sites, we facetime with friends and family, we video chat, or video conference at work. Doing a healing session online is more about the work you do than about the physical space you’re in. Just think, you get to do a session from the comfort of your home, your couch, or even your pjs if you want. Whatever is comfortable for you. No commute necessary.

Remember, healing is all about learning how to do things differently. It could be that this very experience of being online could help in overcoming other barriers or fears.

Because the healing really takes place within, and it’s the relationship with the support people that matters more than the methodology or physical space, meeting online to do the work can be effective and even productive.

I’ve been doing my own healing work with a lady and it’s just over the phone and magical things are happening.

I’ve spoken to a therapist who is doing therapy online (because of Covid-19) and she says there’s something about being in a person’s home that allows you to see more into their life than you would meeting in an office. It’s just a different kind of presentation and space. Don’t be afraid of it.

What If I’m Technology Challenged?

Zoom is fairly easy to install and use. If you’re struggling with the technological aspects as my brother-in-law would say, “Google it.” Or just ask someone for assistance. Be sure that you’ve installed Zoom and understand how to get online BEFORE your scheduled session so you aren’t spending the time on the technology and not on you.

If that’s still too overwhelming, just ask for other options.

How Can I Do Creative Stuff If I’m In A Different Place?

Again, the process is about you and not the space. For example, perhaps expressive arts were included as a method of choice in your Plan of Action. As such, you’d want to have some supplies handy when you’re in session. The Healing Consultant may ask you to draw how you feel about a certain situation. You’d draw it and then hold it up so she can see (or if you know how to do a screen share you could do that), and then you talk about the experience together. Remember that healing can take place in any environment, situation, or circumstance . . . even online.

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