Getting started

How Does Someone Get Started With Becoming Exceptional’s Healing Consultations?

Contact Becoming Exceptional to schedule an Initial Assessment.

Contact Becoming Exceptional to schedule an Initial Assessment via Facebook Messenger (, the website contact form (, email (, or phone (385-288-1993). A free 30-minute consultation can be arranged by request if desired to determine if this is a good fit for you.

What’s The First Step?

First, determine that Becoming Exceptional’s Healing Consultation process is a good fit for your healing journey. It is best if you feel comfortable with Andrea, the processes used, and the method of interaction.

Second, schedule an Initial Assessment with Andrea. The paperwork will be emailed to you to complete prior to the scheduled meeting time so that Andrea has time to go over your information.

Third, show up for your Initial Assessment meeting prepared to put together a Plan of Action. The Plan of Action begins with an intention or goal to work towards. It will be for a specified amount of time (i.e. weekly sessions for the next 3 months). It will contain the elements chosen to use in the healing consultations (i.e. Sandtray, SmarterDropsTM, expressive arts, skills development, stress management, or any number of other methods determined by the goal, the personality, and the preferences of the individual).

Fourth, continue to show up in your life and do the work of healing. It may not be easy (or it may). It does take intention, determination, and often some good support. Keep working towards your goal even if it gets hard or overwhelming. Use the resources available to help you.

Fifth, never give up on yourself. You’re worth it!

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