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What Would a Healing Consultation Session Look Like?

A Healing Consultation Session would generally be conducted via Zoom with conversation, collaboration, activities, and probably some assignments.

A Healing Consultation would be conducted via phone or video conferencing. We may engage in conversation to assess changes or challenges since the past meeting. It may include activities – expressive arts, writing, meditation/visualization, etc. It would likely end with a goal or assignment to accomplish before the next meeting. We’d reassess progress towards meeting the overall goal. Sessions are 50 minutes.

Can I Get the Help I Need Online?

For us old fogies who didn’t grow up online, doing a session online may seem a bit frightening. Even those young fogies might feel intimidated with doing their healing online. However, many of us are already on social media sites, we facetime with friends and family, we video chat, or video conference at work. Doing a healing session online is more about the work you do than about the physical space you’re in and you can do that work anywhere.

What Might I Need To Have Available For Sessions?

The initial assessment will mostly be discussion and putting together the Plan of Action which will indicate which activities, methods, and processes will be used in sessions. In this way, individuals should know what materials would be needed for upcoming sessions. This may also be something discussed at the end of each session (i.e. for next session you’ll need such and such supplies to do this activity).  

If expressive arts were indicated in the Plan of Action you might collect the following items: paper, crayons, markers, craft items, Legos, paints, or any number of other arts and crafts materials. Much of this would be determined by what is comfortable to the individual. What materials would you choose to use? Have those materials available.

If we’re doing a sand tray perhaps you collect miniatures from around your home: Knick Knacks, stones, decorative items, cloth, or whatever calls to you from the available space. If this is going to be an activity for a session, it can be discussed at the end of the previous session so that everything is clear and items can be collected beforehand.

If we’re doing a session to learn new skills, then this may include some instruction time followed by practicing the newly learned skills. There may be questions and more practice with encouragement to continue practicing the skills after the session.

It’s really about having the kind of relationship with the Healing Consultant where you can ask questions, discuss the processes in as much detail as needed, and do the work without fear or concern. What you need will be there when it’s needed.

This Is Personal!

Because healing is unique, your sessions will be what they need to be. This is a collaboration, not a dictatorship. You may be asked to stretch, to try things that may be uncomfortable or out of your normal realm, but this is part of healing. Each session is likely to be different, even if we’re doing the same types of activities repeatedly. Sessions can look whatever way you want them to look. You decide. You clearly state what you want. You create the environment that helps you grow and become your best self. It’s personal. It’s you!

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