About Me

Therapy can be FUN, yes fun. Play is important, and we heal through creativity, even as adults who are healing the wounded child.

Brief About Me: Since 2018 I’ve been working in the mental health field as a CSW/LCSW. I have 30 years of professional childcare experience which has given me opportunities to work with children and their families. I’ve been a business owner since 1995 working from home or outsourcing services as a Licensed Massage Therapist/CranioSacral Therapist and a Self-published author. I’m detail-oriented and organized, able to see the small details and the big picture.

I believe in empowering the indomitable spirit of individuals to overcome even the most horrific challenges in life. Because we are human and live in a world filled with poor choices, illness, and accidents, all of us will feel a little broken at times. This is normal and can be a beautiful thing. As creative beings, we experience, process, and understand life through play and creativity. I use these natural processing techniques throughout the healing process for both children and adults.

Healing is unique and takes as much time as it takes for each individual. I feel it’s important to work with the client in achieving their short and long-term goals in a manner that best fits their needs and personality. I enjoy working with children, youth, and adults using Sandtray, Play, Creative Arts, and StoryPlay in therapy, and adding in CranioSacral Therapy and other techniques to support healing at a DNA level.

I have seen the value of these creative and energy processes for children with trauma backgrounds, sibling rivalry, adolescent mental illness, family issues, parent/child insights, and more. Being able to put one’s issues into a physical 2-or3-Dimensional space or replica can provide a new perspective to old issues which can lead to new solutions.

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My Qualifications 

Andrea Lauritzen is a woman who has “been there, done that” in life.  Her life experiences include formal education from universities and from alternative health organizations, also from the school of hard knocks… LEARN MORE