Andrea is one of the most UN-selfish people I have ever known! For many years I have seen her meet the emotional needs of others in a nurturing way.

Her own life has been anything but easy, yet she has used those obstacles as stepping stones to make things better for others. She is “real”, and can especially help people who have suffered trauma because she has been there. 

What an unbelievable opportunity for her clients!

Angela Best

You have a calmness and a surety about you as you speak that I think, in and of itself, will soothe souls and help them be more open to the healing practices and help you are trying to extend to them.

​Your care for others and devotion to your beliefs are so evident in all that you do and simply in who you are and how you interact with the world that your reliability seems unquestionable.

You are so unwaveringly true to yourself and your higher power (God) that I think you will have no trouble filling others with confidence in your motives and abilities to help them do the same. 

Nancy Harris

My friend, Andrea Lauritzen, has started her own business, which focuses on personal healing.

I’ve known her for years and she is one of the most incredible, resilient people I know. If you or someone you love is struggling- please reach out to her!

DayValena (Dee) Lisonbee