Broken is Beautiful

The art of Kintsugi is an old Japanese custom begun thousands of years ago.  When valuable or treasured items, generally pottery, became broken these items were sent to a Kintsugi master who would carefully put all the pieces back together properly.

​In the process of repair, the Kintsugi master used gold in the glue that held the pieces in place. In doing so, the item was then MORE VALUABLE AFTER BEING BROKEN than it was before.

​We are like pottery. We are treasured and valuable to many people, and especially to a God who loves us. Sometimes in life, we become broken by our own choices, the choices of others, or simply as a matter of course for being human. The healing process is like taking the pottery to a Kintsugi Master (i.e. whatever person, place, or resource used) to put the pieces back together.

​Like Kintsugi, our healing often takes a long time to complete and needs to be engaged in carefully and with intention and thoughtfulness to make us whole again. 

And, like the Kintsugi pottery, WE ARE MORE VALUABLE BECAUSE WE WERE BROKEN than we were before.  

This is the mission of BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL – to help people piece their lives back together and find the value obtained through becoming broken and finding the beauty in now, becoming exceptionally whole.

VISION BrokenISBeautiful Kintsugi Picture