Healing Products

Products doTerra

doTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to bring up, tone down, or process emotions, balance our body systems and structures, and release tensions, toxins, and stress. Essential oils may be suggested as a tool in the healing process. They can be purchased through Andrea’s doTerra site at any time, whether part of the Plan of Action or not.

Product is available through Andrea at: my.doterra.com/becomingexceptional

Products SmarterDrops


SmarterDropTM was developed to help return the body’s systems to pre-trauma and pre-disease states by resetting the blueprint of the body – the DNA. They support healthy functioning physically, mentally, and emotionally. They can remove chemical, vaccine, emotional, generational, and environmental toxins that slow the body and cause dis-ease. 

Each SmarterDropTM is filled with limitless libraries of information related to 13 specific areas of our lives. ​Muscle testing (applied kinesiology) can be used to determine the length of time and the order in which to take the 13 formulas in the kit which can rebalance the entire system.

​Positive Affirmations, specifically designed to go with each formula, will be used to enhance the effects of the formulas as they are taken.

This product may be included in the Plan of Action and can be purchased by contacting Andrea.


Kangen Water Filters

Enagic has been developing state-of-the-art water filters for decades. Since our bodies are around 70% water, the water we ingest makes a difference to the cellular health of our bodies. Enagic water filtration systems provide water in differing PH levels to be used for: healthy drinking water, cleaning and disinfecting, removing pesticides and chemicals from food, and even toning skin and beautifying hair and skin. Go here http://becomingexceptional.kangendemo.com/ to watch a video and learn more about the many benefits of the Kangan Water Filtration Systems.

For more information, and to order a machine, contact Andrea.