Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Healing Consultant?

What is a Healing Consultant and how can a healing consultant help me, my child, my friend, or family member?

A Healing Consultant is a:
– collaborator on your healing journey to reach your goals
– mentor
– instructor and educator
– facilitator
– support and guide
– encourager
– coach as you practice new skills and abilities

A Healing Consultant looks at your overall situation and all factors involved – past, present; physical, emotional, relational, environmental – and offers guidance and insight into overcoming barriers, learning new skills or improving current skills, obtaining or acknowledging your strengths and abilities, resources and options so that you can achieve your stated intention or goal for your health and your life.

This is done by using holistic and creative processes that fit each person’s preferences, goals, and situations.

For further details and information go the About page and the Creative Processes page and review the information on the website; or contact Andrea directly with your specific questions via


Andrea shares her philosophy and the mission and processes of Becoming Exceptional ~


How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment please contact Andrea directly via email or phone (see sidebar).  Andrea will respond as soon as possible, generally within 1-2 business days.


What do you charge for healing consultations?

For prices, please see the services section for details and prices.


What if I feel I can’t afford your services?

Becoming Exceptional’s purpose is to make a difference by making services available to all in need. If you feel you can’t afford the listed price for services, think about what value you place on being well and how improved well-being increases your functionality and, therefore, your prospects and what you are willing to offer or exchange to achieve your health goals. An exchange of value may be available under some circumstances. Please contact Andrea to discuss the options. Don’t let money be the barrier to receiving the services needed or desired. REMEMBER THAT DISCOUNTS ARE OFFERED FOR REFERRALS, SO SPREAD THE WORD!


Is online counseling effective?

Healing can happen via phone calls, through Zoom meetings, within a room, or from a hug or unspoken support. It’s the relationship and connections we have with others that matter most, not the specific environment in which it takes place.

As such, people will get out of a service that they put into it. Granted, not being in the same room is more challenging but we can collaborate, plan, and do the work of healing in any space when the intention is there and there are clear boundaries, guidelines, and expectations set up in the beginning.

The work I do is collaborative, and together we determine what will work for you within the available setting. For further information, contact Andrea directly at or via Facebook Messenger.


How do I know Healing Consultations will help me with my specific problem?

– Becoming Exceptional works with children, youth, and adults.
– Becoming Exceptional can help address trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, school issues, stress, change, issues related to global turmoil, abuse, infertility, eating disorders, and more.
– Becoming Exceptional will work WITH individuals to determine what they want out of our work together and how we will, together, help you reach your healing intentions and goals.

Know that healing is a process and takes effort, patience, and support. Becoming Exceptional is here to provide that support in a variety of ways.

A free 30-minute consultation is available upon request to answer questions, see if Andrea is a good fit for you, and if Becoming Exceptional’s processes are a good fit. This is a place to address the issues of concern and see if, together, we can address these issues in a way that is comfortable for you. If not, Andrea may be able to provide other options that fit better with your goals, needs, and concerns.