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Do You Only Work With Kids?

I work with children, youth, and adults from all backgrounds and life situations.

No, I am comfortable and trained to work with people of all ages. Human beings are really the same no matter their age, and often the trauma creating issues for adults occurred when they were a child. The processes to heal are similar and not based on age alone, but can be adjusted to be age-appropriate.

What Age Group Do You Work With?

I have extensive experience working with children, young adults, adults and the elderly.

As I use a lot of creative activities in my work, people might assume I only work with kids. Yet, we are all creative beings at the core. We naturally process through creative methods such as writing, gardening, crafts, and play (Legos or football – it’s all a type of play).

I do love working with children. Likewise, there is a gap in therapy/counseling resources for children as many professionals are uncomfortable working with kids. But I love it. I also enjoyed working with young adults. I find that people are people no matter their age or background and I approach each person as unique and develop that relationship with them that will support the work we do together, whatever that ends up looking like.

Human Beings Are Creative Beings

I also recognize that we are all children at heart. Often the issues we need to address were developed in our childhood and, in working with these, we may need to address them at the developmental age where they started. This can be done through those creative processes (you don’t have to act like kids, but it sometimes doesn’t hurt). Together, we would choose the methods and processes that fit with your comfort level, interests, and preferences. If, as an adult, you feel like doing some sand tray and writing in a journal that isn’t much different than being a child who builds with Legos and draws a picture of his feelings. We’ll do what works for you.

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