Getting started

Contact Becoming Exceptional to schedule an Initial Assessment via Facebook Messenger (, the website contact form (, email (, or phone (385-288-1993). A free 30-minute consultation can be arranged by request if desired to determine if this is a good fit for you.


Muscle testing must be used properly to obtain correct answers. Though I do know how to muscle test, and may use muscle testing in some situations, I would not use it to decide what to do next with a client. The steps we take will be determined together based on client goals and steps determined in the initial assessment session as part of the Plan of Action.

healing looks Like

A Healing Consultation would be conducted via phone or video conferencing. We may engage in conversation to assess changes or challenges since the past meeting. It may include activities – expressive arts, writing, meditation/visualization, etc. It would likely end with a goal or assignment to accomplish before the next meeting. We’d reassess progress towards meeting the overall goal. Sessions are 50 minutes.