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Is Online “Counseling” Effective?

Healing Consultations aren’t counseling they’re consultations but, yes, we can do the work online effectively.

Yes. Healing can happen via phone calls, through Zoom meetings, within a room, or from a hug or unspoken support. It’s the relationship and connections we have with others that matter most, not the specific environment in which these take place. Using mental health, natural medicine, and creative activities we can address a variety of concerns even online.

Healing Can Happen Anywhere

People get out of a service what they choose to invest into it. Granted, not being in the same room is more challenging but we can collaborate, plan, and do the work of healing in any space when the intention is there and there are clear boundaries, guidelines, and expectations set up in the beginning.

The work I do is cooperative, and together we determine what will work best for you within the available setting and framework of your expectation and needs.

Relationships Count

Multiple social science studies have confirmed that it’s less about the technique or method used in “counseling” than it is about the relationship the person has with their “therapist”. As a Healing Consultant, I don’t “counsel” or do “therapy”. However, I can use therapeutic processes – like listening and connecting – to support individuals. I am fully engaged in making sure I provide the best service I’m capable of so that individuals feel comfortable working with me and doing the work of healing. Much of the work of healing will not happen during the sessions, but afterward as you practice new skills, process issues that arise, and learn to see the world from a new perspective. Likewise, I will support, guide, and sometimes push people in the direction of their goals. I’ve got your back on this!

Tools of the Trade I bring to the work natural healing techniques and knowledge, a social work background, and mental health experience. In combination, these tools provide a unique way of looking at, addressing and healing concerns, issues, and problems generally approached from one perspective in counseling and therapy offices. In this way, we can tackle the healing process in a more complete and comprehensive fashion.

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