Creative Processes Descriptions

CranioSacral Therapy

Excellent for releasing emotional and structural trauma from the tissues and DNA of the body.

CranioSacral Therapy is a light-touch, non-invasive process done through clothing to release and unwind the connective tissues of the body, to release emotional “toxins”, and to realign systems. It’s gentle enough to use with infants and kids love it. For many, talk therapy doesn’t work – especially for children who can’t verbalize what their trauma is. CST goes where the body needs it and allows the system to simply release the trauma on a DNA level. As everyone’s experience is unique, their response to CST will also be unique. Some may experience dreams or nightmares, they may experience strong emotions after a session, they may feel tired or energized. Know that whatever comes up for you is what your system needs to process what it’s working on. Essential oils may be used to enhance the body’s release process. Having support persons in place can be beneficial in working through what may come up in the process of releasing it. “The only way out is through” even in healing. Often we must go through the pain and emotions to get to the other side. It may not be fun, but is often the best and only way to heal.  CST is a powerful tool in this endeavor.

Processes CST

Expressive Sandtray

A fun, creative way to get a new perspective on a situation or problem.

Through the use of sand, water, and miniatures, people can learn how the unconscious manifests itself and how to bridge this into conscious awareness. Here we can learn to witness and honor the creative play process.  

— John Burr, LCSW, RPT-S

Processes ExpressiveSandtray 5thGrader 2
Sandtray by 5th grader

Expressive Arts in Healing Work 

As humans, we process through creativity – even in our healing.

Expressive arts could be art, crafts, Legos, drawing, painting, playdough, building, destroying, rearranging, journaling, drama, puppet play, storytelling, playing with toys or other objects — anything that allows a person to express him/herself in any way with the use of materials of a variety of types. Expressive arts are a huge part of what BECOMING EXCEPTIONAL uses to support people in their healing process. Types, manner, and materials may vary based on age, personality, product availability, and preference of the individuals doing the work. Remember, it’s not about being artistic or looking professional, it’s about letting go of pretense and just doing the work as it comes up and needs to occur. AND HAVE FUN! We forget to do that as we grow older but we all need fun in our lives. Laughter is joy are excellent medicines for healing.

Processes ExpressiveArts

Emotion Release Therapy

A process using kinesiology (muscle-testing) and questioning to walk through a process of release of specific memories, beliefs, or traumas and let them go. Simple, easy, painless.

Professional spiritual healer and former Methodist minister Walter Weston was frustrated by the lack of therapies effectively dealing with emotional pain. Then he developed Emotional Release Therapy (ERT), a simple technique that permanently removes painful and traumatic memories along with self-destructive emotional states like depression, grief, fear, and anger.

Because emotional pain is often the root cause of many physical diseases, ERT can likewise alleviate painful conditions and speed recovery from disease. A blending of energy and faith healing, ERT heals by helping us re-access our lost connection to God.

Since developing the therapy, Weston has taught thousands of people around the world to practice ERT on themselves and others. ERT is so effective you can also use it to treat animals. 

  — Walter Weston

Erica Williams

Applied Kinesiology or Muscle-Testing

 “AK muscle testing magnifies the depth of the meaning of the muscle test similar to what a microscope does to the magnifying glass; it reveals more of what is happening deep in your physiology. This is why AK manual muscle testing can find health issues that many other less refined diagnostic tests may miss. A problem cannot exist unless a solution also exists and AK Muscle Testing may find the solution to what is causing your problem when it doesn’t show up on x-rays, MRIs or blood tests.”

Best of Health, Dr. Eugene Charles

Applied Kinesiology, or muscle-testing, is also used to find answers to emotional issues, historical trauma, generationally-inherited issues, and belief systems allowing the practitioner to let your body tell them what needs to be addressed, when it occurred, and to be able to release it.