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Workbooks for Pre-teens to Adults

The Caterpillar’s Journey 

We, like the caterpillar, go through our lives not realizing what we can become. This book is the story of one little caterpillar’s journey through stress and trauma, healing, and transformation. Like the caterpillar, we all must experience challenges and determine how we will respond and who we will become.

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Cinderella and her Inner Sparkle – Workbook

Cinderella and her Inner Sparkle draws from a classic tale and adds a modern twist. This WORKBOOK includes the story as well as thought-provoking questions followed by space to write thoughts. Topics addressed include the death of a loved one, step-parenting, friendship, peer pressure, choice and responsibility, depression/discouragement, dreams/hopes, and forgiveness. The workbook contains a discussion page at the end to be used for youth and even the adults in their lives (parents/guardians, teachers, counselors, etc.) to begin those important conversations that are sometimes hard with teen/pre-teen aged youth. The characters are high school students, so age-applicable to 10-21. However, the story could be used with children of all ages, and even adults who still struggle with any of the noted topics. THIS IS A WORKBOOK. The STORYBOOK is also available and excludes the questions and answer space contained in the workbook.

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Broken Is Beautiful, Broken Is Normal

Broken is a story about how life may cause trauma, disappointment, or challenges we may or may not be ready to face and understand. We are all a little broken in one way or another. This healing journal/workbook provides a new perspective on life’s challenges and the opportunity to process the pain and let it go. It is a story of hope, healing, and new perspectives. This journal is age-appropriate for 10+ to adults.

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Healing Workbooks

Finding the Gift in Your Adversity: Healing Workbook

This interactive 92-page workbook provides individuals in all circumstances and at all ages the opportunity to grow and stretch through reading assignments, exercises/activities, and assessments. Further, a 73-page Appendix of articles and assessment instruments is included. Anyone wanting to improve their life, overcome old hurts, and move forward with new information will find benefits in this workbook over and over again. The reader will learn about their purpose and divine nature; about forgiveness, agency, trust, feelings, the gift of adversity, gratitude, and more as they work their way along their unique healing journey. This interactive workbook helps the reader come to know who they are and who they can become, not only once but at multiple stages throughout their life.

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Masquerade: Becoming Victorious Through Adversity. An Autobiography.  

The process of healing is complex, unique, and universal. 

In Masquerade you will join one woman’s journey through remembering, processing, and adjusting to the travesties of her childhood. Witness the terror and triumph as she overcomes her past and learns that these do not define her though they do change her. Discover creative avenues for healing all types of grief and turmoil, stress and struggle. Rejoice with our heroine as she finds the gifts she gained through the journey of adversity and how these gifts were worth all the pain and heartache as she gives her gifts to the world.

Your journey may be similar, it may be completely different. You may know a family member or friend who’s struggling. Find answers they may need within the covers of this book. Begin to understand their dysfunction, barriers, and desperate need to simply be safe and loved as they are. Learn how you can support them as they move forward along their own unique healing path to discover their own indomitable spirit and victorious achievements all along the way. 

Just as the trauma changes us, so does the healing. Know that the deeper the valleys the higher the glorious heights you can reach. The journey is never finished. Kept striving, keep climbing, keep learning, and keep becoming all that you have the potential to become. You are not damaged goods, but priceless gems in the making.

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Masquerade: A Story of Abuse, A Gift of Adversity

This book is the story of one woman’s experiences with abuse. It encompasses relationships, healing, and triumph over life’s adversities. In this 190-page novel, this woman discovers that God places gifts along the path of life to help us overcome our struggles and use these gifts to make us strong. We will all have our own journeys, struggles, gifts, and triumphs. This book entails hurt, love, hope, and healing.  It is a story about LIFE. Read it!  Share it: Discover your own life’s journey in its pages. Live in the JOY of your own personal worth. Then help someone else find their joy and personal worth.

MasqueradeCover 1

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